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AP Technology – the home of Cloud solutions

AP-Tech are leaders in designing and implementing cloud based solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Through our core team and network of associate experts we can provide you with the latest flexible and customised solutions at a fraction of the cost and pain of traditional solutions.

Our focus is cloud based solutions for CRM from Salesforce, Evolve content management system and accounting systems such as Xero and Sage. We can also recommend other solutions and have worked with other cloud solutions.

New: AP-Tech are now collaborating with Trinsic, the Irish based leader in Salesforce design and implementation. We are now positioned to support highly customised solutions to meet your requirements for enterprise and CRM solutions. Check eLoomi for innovative cutting-edge content management and delivery solutions.

We have many years experience as users and consultants and we apply this to your issues in a structured and cost-effective way. For most of our clients, we also generate considerable value-add by introducing business intelligence and dashboards that allow them to target key success factors and drill down and analyse what is driving their business. Check, a leading cloud solution for surveying customers and staff, and our preferred partner.

The beauty of all this is that it works and it’s cheap.

Cloud is pay-as-you-go and provides you with robust scalable secure environments. No more server updates and upgrades; capacity limits; performance constraints; security concerns. The underlying cloud providers are all global leaders and invest billions in maintaining cutting edge infrastructure and software which is far beyond the reach of any small or medium business.

So it is time to get rid of paper files, spreadsheets and your old purchased software. Call us on 01 231 2819 or 089 426 9595 to find out how cloud can help you.

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